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RegenWeek NFKey

Join the largest gathering of regenerative thought leaders at RegenWeek '24 in Tulum, MX, March 21-28.  Choose to attend over 90+ events showcasing the future and impacting the planet. Showcase your vision, inspire collaboration, and be a catalyst for positive change. 

Get tickets @ http://regenweek.com 🌍 #RegenWeek24, #CatalyzingGlobalRegeneration, 

Can’t make it in person?  Join the excitement with our 2-hour daily broadcast from Tulum with over 40 interviews with the regenerative thought leaders and commentary on what’s happening in the bioregion and at RegenWeek '24. Don't miss this rich content.

For event descriptions and tickets, visit our TIXR Ticketing Platform


Download the official invitation from RegenWeek

You can access the document here.

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